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  成都鑫芯电子科技有限公司(简称成都鑫芯电子)成立于2010年,总部坐落于省级高新技术产业开发区成都市金牛高新技术产业园内。 是中国西南地区专注于物联网领域无线传感器行业相关产品研发、物联网智能监控系统集成,集研发、生产、销售、项目智能化设计和实施多位一体的高新技术企业。

  Chengdu Xinxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (called Chengdu Xinxin Electronics for short) was founded in 2010, [[[[[head]]]]]quartered in Chengdu Jinniu High-tech Industrial Park, a provincial-level high-tech industry development zone. Its a new high-tech enterprise located in Southwest China specialized in researching and developing the products related to the wireless sensor industry in the field of the Internet of Things, researching, developing, producing and selling intelligent monitoring systems for the Internet of Things, as well as designing and implementing programs intelligently.


  Chengdu Xinxin Electronics adheres to technology-led and proprietary product-centered principle, and gives play to the superiority of talents actively. By using the components and parts purchased from the world-renowned manufacturers in Switzerland, Britain and America, as well as the software and terminals researched and developed by itself independently, it has now overcome multiple technical problems that trouble the sensor industry in the Internet of Things. Moreover, it has long been committed to the information construction for the application of the Internet of Things in more than 20 fields, such as medicine and biology, food cold chain, warehouse logistics, agriculture and breeding, power and chemical engineering, and archives management, etc.


  Chengdu Xinxin Electronics rises in response to the worlds technical trend and develops in response to the national call for innovation. In the face of the rare opportunity to be given by the economy in the Internet of Things, the company is recruiting talents. Aimed at rendering efficient services to the public, driven by positive innovation and development, the company keeps increasing investment and giving play to teamwork spirit, to realize corporate scale economy and great-leap-forward development. At present, the company has developed many provincial-level agents nationwide, is preparing to build branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and strives to become a leading enterprise with domestic and international competitiveness in the sensor industry in the global Internet of Things.



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